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  • Harrah's Rincon San Diego

    Well All, this is one very interesting Trip Report on Harrah’s Rincon for their 10x multiplier – stayed May 30 – June 1st. What a disaster!! I do not know who they are trying to compete against but man what a mess!!

    Hope you love HIGH PRICES!! In the Café I got a Chicken Salad on Croissant with a little number of fries – ready for this $13.95 oh yeah and the Chicken Salad had no taste. They put some kind of green stuff on it terrible and tomatoes were so big that they just fell off the sandwich so very bad – left over ˝ of the mess on my plate. I was live-it!!!

    So, thought okay try French Toast for Breakfast – now their French toast was incredible not anymore. If I understood the waitress correctly, she said it was bread pudding baked – yeah bad – and you had to ask for the whip cream – not like before where it came on the plate. I ask her could I just have two pieces of bread in a skillet – no no no they don’t do it that way no more!!! Okay strike that off my list!!

    The only item that was half way good was I had 2 eggs, toast, bacon and potatoes in the evening as I was so hungry that it was actually pretty good – little overdone on the eggs but okay. Needless to say, the CAFÉ is definitely off my list!!

    Now next problem – I arrive to check in, well room not ready – no problem except I came up 3 times to check on the room – 2 hours later room still not clean – uh people give me a break – it only takes 15 minutes to clean a room!!! Interestingly enough I got a guy this time and oh – lo and behold he found me a room – what happen with the lady!! NOT GOOD!!!

    Next problem went to my favorite Rita’s Cantina Fish Tacos, rice & beans very good however, oh yeah, this one you will love $6 for cheese dip for your chips!!!! I don’t think so!!! NOT GOOD!!!

    And par for the course, there was problems checking out with credit card, deposit and what was charged to my room – what else is new I always have problems with this Harrah’s - last time it was my new credit card this time it was I guess the bank – we still don’t know!!

    Now the room was okay nothing great. Housekeeping was okay. The Casino was great found several of my machines that hit left with over $500 went to Valley View to get my shuttle had time to go in and play. Now they have opened up their new slot room for a better word and it is very nice. I found finally a few of the Video Poker machines. Well I sent some of you a picture of yeah, my big win 4 Aces and a Kicker for 2,000 credits = $500 by the time cashed out had over $800 came home with not bad!! I was blown away. I do not normally play at Valley View more than $20 don’t really like the place but I figured hell why not so put in some money and wha-la hit that 4 Aces & Kicker I couldn’t believe it!!!! So now I know where to play their Video Poker. The machine is like Game King but it another Company so it was on the Super Times Multiplier that I hit sooooo nice!!

    I did go to my Jacuzzi at Harrah's and it was very nice. Had some bar food was very good and of course my bourbon and coke double!!! So, considering Harrah’s Rincon is a mess and I don’t know who they think they are competing against – Barona I guess – only one I know that the prices are ridiculous but anyway have to check out the Buffet I can imagine how much it went up. Oh, Starbucks didn’t raise their prices I had to laugh!!! So, if you go to Harrah’s be prepared for some high prices – it is crazy and oh their latest commercial is worse than the one before. Hope you enjoyed this crazy trip report!