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    Okay All, here we go, Trip Report on Millionaires Slot Tournament at Harrah’s Las Vegas May 10-13 plus an added day check out May 14th!!!! Now you ask, how did I do in the Slot Tournament – TERRIBLE!!! I did not win anything – BUMMER!!!! Oh well there’s next year I guess!!! However, I did win both on the Dragon machine $1011 and $400 on my Ultimate Texas Hold’m came back next day and won a $100 not bad!! Video poker was terrible really gone downhill. Guess I will stick to Bally’s and my Caesars!! UTH was good but it is also very good at Bally’s and not bad at Caesars.
    Money went into my special account so I came home with not much. I probably won’t stay at Harrah’s much. I finally after many many years got a VIP Host but doesn’t do much as they are really bad about comping you even for a $21 meal. I guess I am just too spoiled at my Caesars – they really take care of me!!! Also, although the Valley Tower rooms are beautiful it is far from everything. I did rent a scooter for two days which was a big help. The Mardi Gras Tower is much better located as it is in the center of the Casino. They will be reinvading the tower from July – Sept which if anything like the Valley Tower the rooms will be awesome!!
    I did love eating at my McDonalds which is next door every day oh yeah, I love that and enjoy it very very much!!! I also ate at the Fulton Café great breakfast and love their pizza!!! The best part of this whole trip was the PEACE AND QUIET I got!!! With all the construction going here for so long and all the other noise that there is living where I do, the peace and quiet was an incredible blessing!! I would sit in my room; watch the Observation Wheel change colors and you could hear a pin drop – soooooo nice!!
    The weather was incredible 70s – 80s so nice. I didn’t even make it to Pool oh well I will at Caesars. I will be at Caesars for my Birthday September 26-30th all is set and paid for. I hope to see Wayne Newton again and maybe the Righteous Brothers and Barry Manilow. I hope to do some special things don’t know yet what but I’ll figure something out. My next trip is Laughlin July 23-27th on Caesars charter flight deal!!! All comped and looking forward to it - love Laughlin!!! Hopefully it will not be 115 degrees the way the weather is going we might make the 90s strange weather. My fried Paula is coming with me as well and we'll be joined with Patricia and her mother so should be a lot of fun!!!! So until the next Trip Report!!