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Here I go again Nov 28 - Dec 1, 2017 Great Gift Wrap

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  • Here I go again Nov 28 - Dec 1, 2017 Great Gift Wrap

    Well this time the Gift Wrap was disappointing. They have made a lot of changes of which none of them are good.

    1. They took the Gift Wrap out of the Ballroom and put it in a TENT across the street - bad bad move!!! For one thing I had a scooter and thank God I had a Security Guard who guided me across the street - stopping the traffic so could get across the street and back up to the front of the Tent!! Going back thank goodness I had one of the helpers guide me across the street. This was a very bad idea!!! #2 the lighting in the Tent was not real good kinda of hard to see some of the merchandise -never did find the purse I was interested in so I opted for a candle idea. #3: Whose bright idea was it to do away with converting the left over points to Free Play. You had to have at least 15,000 points left and than you got $50 Free play. Oh brother give me a break that was really bad!!!. So all in all I definitely will not do the Gift Wrap again unless some major changes are made starting with the Free play problem!!!!

    Okay next gaming was okay not great lost a lot of money!!! Not having a $5 Ultimate Texas Hold'm table was a bummer. Do $10 makes it expensive to play unless you hit something really good in the beginning so that was a bummer!!! They did away with a couple of Video Poker machines but I did end up enjoying a couple other VP machines. As for Slots they don't really knock me over. Best one is still the Lightning Strike machines.

    Room wise - this was really funny!! When I arrived I got a new girl Anna who was a doll - she was so helpful but put me way way down hall way I though I was walking to Boston - so that got re-fixed with another room on 7th floor that was great. I met J Yvette who is an absolute doll - she is just awesome and so very helpful!! I did get new person Ivy who was so great at checking with me if I needed anything from the Housekeeping Department. She was amazing - hopefully I get her when I return in January.

    The Diamond Lounge - OMG has it changed and for the very best. The food was excellent!! I think they took lessons from Harrah's who does have the best Lounge!!! I was amazed we had an incredible variety of food the four days I was there!! WOW!!! I went to George Ramsey Fish 'n chips in Caesars - well let me tell ya. $30 for 2 pieces of fish and fries is definitely not my idea of reasonably priced. Not impressed!! The little place across from LINQ is so much better price wise. Just not much seating but oh so much more reasonable. The Café was good for Breakfast and doesn't really change.

    I got home very late last night and due to loosing quite a bit of money I now have to figure out how to fix the money problems. Oh well that is life - it happens. I still thinking of going back Jan 1,2,and 3rd it is a good promotion and yes I will be at my Caesars. We had champagne as part of the festivities that is always nice. I have everything booked and paid for so I'll see if I do go. As for Xmas and New Years Eve I will be here. Thinking about Sycuan for NYE they are always a lot of fun. bj