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    Dec 26-28, 2016 for Christmas. Now one and all this is definitely a short trip!!! Too many problems at home to make it longer so 3 days is better than nothing. Stayed at Harrah's Las Vegas in the Masquerade Tower - probably not a good idea. I will tell you now I ended up with pneumonia. Now I think I got it from Harrah's because #1 no heat in the rooms and the air they were blowing in well who knows when the filters were changed. So Thursday I came home with Las Vegas Cough - now make along a story short I ended up in the Hospital shortness of breath and hacking cough. Turns out I did have water on my lungs which is what poses the problem with shortness of breath. Sharp is unbelievable not only is their service so far above everyone else but it is like staying at a Resort actually it is better!! They really treat you good and oh the food - I am still trying take home the cook!!! So anyway I am much better now and as some of you know Harrah's has reinvaded part of the Carnival Tower so if I stay at Harrah's I will make sure to stay in the reinvaded part. Although I think I will try for Bally's.

    I went to the BLT Steakhouse at Bally's for my Celebration dinner - it was outstanding - WOW my steak - well again I want to take the Cook home with me - that way he can fix my meals. Incredible dinner - highly highly recommend it!!!!

    I did of course, spend the day at my Caesars and just enjoyed the ambience - went shopping; played a lot of video poker - did well. I love my Caesars. I also was in the Slot Tournament (4th one) at the RIO this time. WOW did I do good came in 41st and I got $500!!! It was outstanding. Also they had a Christmas display as you came in that was so cute I loved it!!! Took pic.

    I did not do a whole lot more this trip just enjoyed the displays to their fullest!!! I really enjoyed Bally's had not been there to play in a long time and it was definitely a lot of fun!! So all in all I had a great time!! It was short but fun and other than getting sick it was as always special!!! I do love Vegas at Christmas it so fun and enjoyable. Next trip looks like in May and stay at my Caesars. Thanks for reading (Beach) bj

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    Thanks Beach for a great report as usual!! I am glad you are feeling better!! Who knew that a hospital provides such food and service. The heck with Vegas, I am going on vacation to Sharp Memorial Hospital for rest,relaxation and great food next time!!
    Just kidding, of course. Actually, I got an invite yesterday from Bally's for the Super Bowl Party in Paris. So a quick booking of the flights, and I am off to Vegas on February 3rd thru the 7th. A spur of the moment and unexpected trip to Vegas!! I am coming back again on April 7th thru the 12th, staying in Planet Hollywood.
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      Nice trip report Beach! I enjoyed the read



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        Thanks for the trip report. I'm glad you had good care and recovered. ave not been in a long time and I'm having withdrawals, plan on the ELV July get together.


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          Thanks all. Things are great now. Going to Laughlin March 12-14 with Full Circle Tours - Tour group for over 55 adults - they are awesome. Staying one night at my Harrah's of course as I love to gamble late at night and don't like to walk down the Hill at midnight works great - take water taxi back in am and join the group at Riverside. Than May 28-June1st at my Caesars in Vegas oh yeah - love my Caesars. Hope to check out all the changes at the COSMO also and plan to get
          together with my Host at Planet Hollywood this time!!! We keep missing each other crazy I know. So looking forward to my trips and no getting sick this time too!!! Enjoy the reads thanks all!!!! bj


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            Casinokid68 hope you had a awesome time for Super Bowl that was some game I won $5 on it yeah!!! Super Bowl pool!! and hope you enjoy Planet Hollywood - never stayed there even though my Host is at that Resort but she is great and does help if I need something. Not too often as Caesars does take care of me. I usually stay at Caesars but I do want to go back to Bally's they really have made awesome changes. Hope your trips were great looking forward to reading your trip reports I hope. bj