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Clint Holmes and Earl Turner at the Westgate

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  • Clint Holmes and Earl Turner at the Westgate

    This show is long overdue! It's called Showcase, and it is a compilation of all the songs we've asked both artists to perform in their shows. They will also be doing a little bit of story telling about their lives, and that is usually the highlight of the show, for me at least. These guys are both seasoned performers, who have experienced more than their fair share of ups and downs. The opening date is 2/14/18, and hopefully this show will be around for a long while. With 2 awesome entertainers, and a 38 piece band behind them, this may be the most amazing thing to grace that showroom since Elvis! I personally can't wait!

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    This is something to look forward to. Always have heard good things about Clint Holmes. I saw Earl Turner at Rio 10-12 years ago when he had a small venue there (roughly where the Dim Sum restaurant is now. Very high energy, great performer, and he does tell interesting stories.


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      I got to see the show tonight, and first I have 2 major corrections to make. The show is actually called Soundtrack. Also, they have an 8 piece band, not a 38 piece band. There was a typo in one of the news stories I read. However, the band was still awesome, as was the show. If you were fortunate enough to see them together at the Smith Center, this is very similar. The added lighting effects and the larger show room make it even more amazing. They were very strict about the no camera policy though, and there were a lot of ushers in the theater watching. This show will be dark from now until April 12th. I will also add that even though the average age in the room was about 65, they did a Michael Jackson medley, and a little Uptown Funk. The music and the stories from the 2 "60 something" performers were appreciated by everyone though. Everyone had a good time, and I heard several people say they wanted to see it again. Ticket prices aren't cheap, but they aren't outrageous either. Mine would have been $75 with all fees added. They do give locals $15 off, which I was not expecting. Hopefully this show will continue for quite some time. I've read on several different websites that the Westgate has a hit with Soundtrack!
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        I saw this last night (6/2/18). It was very good overall but I don't care all that much for Clint Holmes music style with his heavy jazz influence from his dad he said. I saw him about 10 years ago when he headlined on the strip (Flamingo?). Same heavy jazz and scat....not my thing. Also talks a little bit about his mom and dad but not as much as 10 years ago. The truth is I really wanted to see Earl Turner as I had heard so much about him and his act. He is much more my style but I never had a chance to see him on my many visits to LV. He was really great and made the $71 well worth it (Tickets-4-Tonight)....was in the 4th row! Cross one off my bucket list now!


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          I saw Clint Holmes maybe 10 years ago as well. He was playing at Harrah's if I'm not mistaking. Great show he puts on!! Really enjoyed it.


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            Glad you liked the show RONDELVY. Unfortunately it has closed. They were upstaged by Barry Manilow, who can fetch higher ticket prices. We'll have to keep our eyes and ears opened to see what's next for both performers. I know Earl was doing cruises. Clint seems to always be present, somewhere.