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    Thanks to myVegas, I can now say that I've eaten at all 6 of the Feast buffets. I finally got to Santa Fe Station last week, and I was quite impressed. The food was spicier, and therefor tastier than several of the others. I had read bad reviews about it, but my only negatives were my slow beverage server, and the hot and sour soup that had crusted over. It was a very slow thursday. No line.

    This is the order I would place their buffets, based on my experiences. Green Valley Ranch #1 by far, but so is the price. Red Rock (almost slipped to #3 due to sub par service behind the buffet counter. Especially the gelato guy. Gees! ) #3 Boulder Station. (Does not participate in myVegas, and the lines were long, but the food and service were excellent.) #4 Santa Fe Station. (Yes a bit out of the way, but it was a friendly atmosphere, and the food was very tasty.) #5 Sunset Station. (Cranky, seemingly overworked employees, and tasteless food offerings placed this one so low.) #6 Palace Station. (repeat #5's comments, plus an obnoxious manager who butted in front of me to stir things several times. Very limited selection, and dishes were duplicated in several different sections.)

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    We just got back a week ago from Vegas and like you vegasbabe, we always play my vegas and make use of buffets et al. We always have a buffet breakfast and nothing until a buffet dinner. This past trip the best station buffet breakfast in our minds, was Red Rock. We had a couple buffet dinners at MGM properties thanks to my vegas but if I had to say the best buffet dinner for the price overall, I would have to go to Sams Town. From Sunday to Thursday they have strip loin steaks among other things and they are good and the whole meal including desserts is excellent for only $9.99.


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      I like the striploin at Sam's Town too, but their variety has been lacking. Especially compared to the Feast buffets. Red Rock was ok but I went on a friday and they only had peel and eat shrimp and sushi in the seafood section. Then when I requested a gelato and the attendant just walked away and never came back.......let's just say I won't be going back for a while.