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Dinner: March 24th-The Barrymore at Royal Hotel

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  • Dinner: March 24th-The Barrymore at Royal Hotel

    The Barrymore is located inside of the Royal Hotel.

    What! You never heard of the Royal Hotel?

    It's a non-gaming hotel located on Convention Center Drive. The hotel may not have a lot of shows or daily events but it does have one thing going for it, The Barrymore restaurant.

    The Barrymore is operated by Block 16 Hospitality, the parent company of such higher-profile restaurants as Holsteins Shakes and Buns at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas and Public House at the Grand Canal Shoppes. For another, social media, because good news travels fast and there’s a lot about The Barrymore that’s good.

    Back in the old days, Vegas resorts used to have three kinds of restaurants — a coffee shop, maybe a buffet and the gourmet room, where people would get dressed up to dine out. The Monte Carlo and Portofino at Desert Inn, the Gourmet Room at the Tropicana and William B's at the Stardust were just some that held court in a bygone era of Las Vegas. Barrymore's at the original MGM Grand, where Bally's Las Vegas sits now and named for actor John Barrymore, formed the inspiration for The Barrymore as is stands today. The end of the bar features the logo from the original, and while phones usually appeared in every booth at gourmet rooms.

    The restaurant is old-Vegas elegant, with circular booths interspersed with table lamps throwing a soft glow. The ceiling is covered with large golden empty film reels, and the room is further accented by a wall covered with hexagonal mirrors on a gilt background and ornate wallpaper.

    The menu is mostly old Vegas, too, with a big selection of steaks with topping and sauce options and two sizes of chilled shellfish platters, but there’s some more creative stuff as well.

    We were warmly greeted by both Gneral Manger Kirk and Manager Brian.

    Kirk was a literal fountain of information. I think we could talk for hours about the history Vegas restaurant scene.

    Our server was Luis, a very upbeat and friendly server who had mastered the menu.

    Dinner service started with a fantastic bread basket.

    Can I talk about the bread basket? Mini baguettes, pretzel rolls, and the most awesome...I never remember the proper name of the big "cracker" like bread/toast things, but...YUM!!! We devoured the bread baskets in record time.

    The chef sent out a few appetizers. The first one contained shrimp caviar which I do not eat. We each received an individual portion so Dorene
    ate them both rather to send them baclk. Kirk was very apologetic, but this was not a major problem.

    A second appetizer was brought out that contained no seafood, but it did contain fois gras. This was something I have never tried before so I put
    on my brave face and gave it a try. I didn't dislike like it but will probably never order it in the future. Dorene did not like it al all.

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    For our salads, we each chose Barrymore Caesar: baby romaine, garlic croutons, shaved parmesan, & classic dressing.

    I asked for house dressing instead of Caesar due to the fact that the dressing contained anchovies.

    The salad was just the right size and very good.

    For our main course, I chose the 18 ounce, Bone-in ribeye.

    Steaks at The Barrymore are either Wet Aged or Dry Aged. The Wet is aged for 21 days while the dry is aged for 28 days.

    I chose the Wet Aged steak.

    Hands down it was the best steak of the trip. Only complaint would be it has a bit too much salt on it.

    It was cooked pefect with a remarkable flavor.

    Dorene chose the house special of the night, Surf and SURF special. Yes surf, not turf.

    The plate was loaded with shrimp, lobster, scallops and crab.I have never seen a single serving this big.

    We sharred a baked potatoe and grilled asparagus.

    For dessert Kirk insisted we don't not leave without tasting one forkful was Chocolate Layer Cake: Milk chocolate feuilletine clusters, vanilla ice cream, dark chocolate sauce.

    Don't even ask, we finished it. One of the best desserts ever!

    The Barrymore is a small quaint spot with about 8-10 tables. The result? A personable experience in which the manager interacts with customers throughout the dining experience. The food was superb and the atmosphere was perfect! The live singer (Thursday & Friday nights) had a beautiful voice and provided the added finishing touch to an amazing restaurant!

    It was a wonderful experience and we will be back.