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What has happened to this group?

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  • What has happened to this group?

    So I have not logged in here in a couple of years. I just have not gone back to Las Vegas for a while. I have trip planned for the middle of August and thought I would get into the mood. So I Logged in and as I scan the forums, I am seeing most of the posts are two and three years old. Am I missing a setting or something, or did everyone die off or something? I know we are all getting older but jeez...

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      I've been wondering the same thing.


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        I'm sorry, I don't come over here very often. It has been about six months. There are many answers to your question. Essentially, we all moved on. A lot of us went to other forums (i.e. vegasmessageboard, lasvegas4ever, and some others). Others went to Facebook. There are many Vegas pages on FB and, while it really doesn't have the community we once enjoyed here, there are lots of conversations. That's really all I can offer you. I'm sorry we left you without saying good-bye. Be well.
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