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2018 ELV Big Game Square Pools are now open

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  • 2018 ELV Big Game Square Pools are now open

    The 2018 ELV Super Game Square Pools are now open.

    This year I will be hosting the following pools:

    1-$5.00 Regular Pool
    2-$5.00 Special Pool

    3-$10.00 Regular Pool
    4-$10 Special Pool

    5-$20 High Roller Pool
    6-$20 High Roller Special Pool

    I will add pools as needed.

    7-Animal Aid Pool

    NOTE. Last year, a few of these pools did not fill and they were converted into SPECIAL POOLS prior to the game. I will be doing the same thing this year.

    You might want to encourage family members and friends to play. It does add some excitement to the game.

    You can send me one check but you need to let me know the specifice pools you want to join and MOST IMPORTANT, you need to enclose your email address so I can send you the passwords.

    The Special Pool is a pool where only up to 75 squares will be sold. That will leave a minimum of 25 open squares. All money collected will be awarded equally at the end of each quarter. If an open square is hit than that money is equally divided by any remaining winning square winners. This usually ends up with large payouts.This can end up as a winner take all.

    NOTE: These pools are a lot of workon my part. If you are inclined to do so, please incluse a gratuity. I use this money to cover some of my peronal costs for the ELV July events.

    This year, there is no limit to the number of squares in any pool you can buy.

    The Animal Aid Pool costs $5.00 per square or 3 for $10.00. As in the past, all money will be donated to local animal shelters. You can make a donation without picking a square.

    Any questions, just email me at

    NEW PLAYERS: You need to go to to register, it's very easy to do. If you need any help, just email me.

    I send out the passwords within 24 hours after getting your check. If you don't get the passwords within those 24 hours, please email me.

    If you were a member of last years pools, you will be getting multiple emails from Poolhost for this years pool. There's nothing I can do about that.

    If you would like to join any of these pools, just email me at and I will send you mailing info.