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The 2017 ELV Football Pools are now open

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  • The 2017 ELV Football Pools are now open

    Hi Everyone,


    New players: You must register at to play.

    This year I will be running 3 pools.

    I will be having both the regular pool-$25.00 - You pick every game using the spread. Prizes will be announced as I get them.

    The Survivor Pool-$25.00 -This is a pool where you pick ONE TEAM A WEEK. There are no spreads invovled, your team just has to with to survive. Once you use a team, you can't use them again. As long as your team wins, you remain in the pool. Once you team loses, your out. The winner or winners are the remaining players who survive the longest.

    The NO SPREAD pool $35. You pick teams in every game played to win straight up, no spreads involved. The first three finishers win a cash prize.

    You can send one check bit make sure you let me know what pools you are joining. Make sure to include your email address or I won't be able to send you the passwords.

    The pools are a lot of work so if you chose, please include a small gratuity with your payment.

    If you are interested in playing in these pools, email me at for payment address.

    Please include your email address with your check or else I will not be able to send you the passwords. I send the passwords out the same day I get the check so if you do not get them in a reasonable amount of time, let me know. I have had problems with Poolhost emails every year so if you don't get the passwords with a week after sending your check, let me know.

    Your family and friends are also invited to play.

    A few things you need to know.

    I will announce prizes as I get them.

    The first game is played on a Thursday night for much of the season so ALL picks are due by 8 p.m on Thursday. If you are in the Survivor Pool and you do not make your picks by the deadline, you are automatically eliminated.

    Reugular Pools: If you miss making your picks one time, you are out of the running for the top prizes but if you make your picks for the remainder of the year, you will still be eligible to win other prizes.I was very forgiving last year for the first 10 weeks and allowed players to continue playing as long as I got the picks by game time on Sunday. Any game played before Sunday counts as a loss.

    Lines are posted on Tuesday morning and I always add 1/2 a point to the line. This prevent ties.

    As last year's players know the single most important thing you need to do is to make sure you hit the SAVE PICKS after you make your picks.If you don't do this, your picks will not register and you are out of the pool.To verify that you have done this correctly just go to the MY PICKS tab located under the POOL OPTIONS tab. You have to exit and re-enter the Pollhost site for your picks to appear.PRACTICE DURING THE PRE-SEASON POOL.The Poolhost site has had a face lift but is still easy to navigate.

    4-For our new members making your picks is quite simple.

    Go to to register.

    When you get to the pool's homepage click on JOIN A PRIVATE POOL and enter the pools passwords that I will send you. That brings up some more tabs. You then click on MAKE PICKS. This brings you to the page where the team match ups and the point spreads are listed. You just click on the circle of the teams you like and then click on Save have to click on SAVE PICKS or they will not register.

    There are other tabs that are self explanatory and you can explore them at your leisure.
    You are able to pick the pre-season games. This is just for practice only.

    I hope everyone has a great time.

    If you meed help, just email me.

    NOTE: If you were in last years pools, you will be getting several copies of this email.