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  • ELV Tournaments and Events Final Email

    The final email has been sent out to all the 2017 ELV people who will ne participating in our events this July.

    Between donations and registration fees, we have over $3000 worth of prizes this year!

    Here is a copy of that email.

    Hi Everyone,

    Here is the final email for the 2017 ELV Slot Tournament and Events.

    Below you will find all the details for these events.

    July 6th:

    Ellis Island Lunch - 11 am

    Reservations are for 11 am. The restaurant will be reserving tables for us. Please be as prompt as possible.

    Individual/couple checks will be issued.

    Ellis Island is creating a group in their system, players will be grouped to receive special offers and free play.

    Just sign up for the players club if you aren’t signed up already. Make sure you let the Players Club rep know that they are part of the “Casino Player Magazine group”

    If you already have a Players Card, let the Players Club rep know you are with "Casino Player Magazine Group."

    Participation List:

    6-Kathy Reeves
    7- Gary D
    8- Gail D
    9-Bob G
    10- Steve A
    11-Diane A
    16- Lori
    18- Steve S
    22- Jane

    Skyline Night - 6pm

    This should be a great pre-tournament get together!

    This is an informal get together at Skyline Hotel & Casino in Henderson.

    There is no set time time for dinner, in fact you don't even have to have dinner, just come for the fun.

    The food is cheap and Skyline Marty hands out tons of free drink tickets. I'm not sure if any member has ever paid for a drink at Skyline?

    Participation List:

    6-Jon Strang
    7-Jackie Strang
    8-Gary D
    9-Gail D
    10- Bob G
    11- Steve A
    12-Diane A

    July 7th: The tournament at Rampart Casino and lunch buffet.

    Registration will start at 9:30am.

    You must have a Rampart Players Card

    The tournament area is right across from Addison's Lounge and Casino Valet. Please be careful as there are steps that go down to tournament area.

    Round #1 will start around 10am or sooner if everyone is there.

    There are 25 players in this tournament including myself and Dorene.

    From what I am told, names will be entered into the computer and seats in each round and in each round session will be assigned automatically.

    It's possible you could be in a seat in the first round and in a different seat in a different session of the second round.

    The machines will be set at SEVEN minutes.

    Round one, session one will have 8 players
    Round one, session two, will have 8 players
    Round one, session three will have 9 players

    The top three finishers in round one will each get a $50 voucher to Hash House A Go-Go + choice of show tickets

    After Round 1 is completed, we will head over to the buffet. This was paid in advance BUT any additional gratuity would be appreciated.

    I do have the money ($50) for Dan which I will give him at the tournament area.

    The second round will start at 3 p.m.

    Round two session one will have 8 players
    Round two session two, will have 8 players
    Round two session three will have 9 players

    The top three finishers in round two will get. (The high scorer will get their choice of one prize)
    2/$50 vouchers to Hash House A Go-Go - Plus choice of show tickets
    1-$50 voucher to Freedom Beat at Downtown Grand - Plus choice of show tickets

    The winner of the tournament will be the player that has the highest COMBINED score for the two rounds! It will be a mystery who the winners are until they are announced, so I think this will add some suspense to the tournament.

    Here is the Prize List

    1st Place - 2 night stay at Marriott + $150 + Two tickets to Marriage can be Murder ($90 value) Dinner is included with this show.
    2nd place - $100 voucher to Hawthorne Steakhouse + $100 + Two tickets to Marriage can be Murder ($90 value) Dinner is included with this show.
    3rd place- $100 voucher to Shizen + $100 + choice of show tickets
    4th place- $50 voucher to buffet + choice of show tickets
    5th place- $25 voucher to Cafe + choice of show tickets.

    The slot machines we will be using are amazing. They are super fast...instantaneous scoring, they tell you what place you're in, they have popups appear on the screen that you hit with your hand for extra credit, your picture is displayed on the machine..and more stuff than I even know about.

    The game I chose for the tournament also has a Little Green Man that randomly pops up ont the screen. If you touch him before he disappears, you automatically jump to FIRST PLACE.

    To add a little suspence to the tournament, the video stream blacks out in the last 10 seconds of play. You will not know who the winner is until it flashes on your machine and on the large montitors in the tournament area. You could be in first place when the video blacks out but not be in first when the time limit is up. CRAZY !!

    Players List

    1-Steve K
    2-Dorene K
    3- Craig Fischman
    7-Kathy Reeves
    8-Jon Strang
    9-Jackie Strang
    10-Gary D
    11-Gail D
    13- Bob G
    14-Steve A
    17- Barbara
    21- Maureen
    25-Steve S

    July 8th: Breakfast & Bowling at Gold Coast.

    The breakfast buffet at Gold Coast is $8.99...looks like that that went up a few bucks since last year.

    Buffet: 8-9:30 a.m. Arrive when you want and pay at register. We will have our own dining area.

    You are welcome to come for breakfast even if you are not bowling.

    I was told the people at the register will know we are coming and a semi-private area will be provided.

    Dorene and I will be there as close to 8am as possible.

    For reference purposes if you want to arrive early, Waltraud is the person that set this up and contacts are Patricia (Hostess) and/or Tom Smith (Sr. Manager of F&B Operations)

    Bowling at Gold Coast Bowling Center at 10am:
    Price is $12.00 per person and includes 3 games and shoes.

    Participant List


    3- Mario
    5-Kathy Reeves
    6-Jon Strang
    7-Jackie Strang
    8-Gary D
    9-Bob G-
    10- Anne
    13- Maureen
    14- Beth
    16-Steve S
    17-Steve A ?

    Buffet Only

    Tournament at Gold Coast. Note new starting time! New Tournament Area

    Due to the change in tournament time, we are having the buffet prior to the tournament.

    The buffet opens at 4PM. I suggest being there as close to opening time as possible.

    We will have our own seating area.

    The cost of the buffet is $15.99 with Players Card.

    Registration starts at 5:30 pm

    Tournament will start as close to 6PM as possible.

    You must have a Boyd Players Card.

    The new tournament area is located near Cornerstone restaurant.

    There will be 25 players in this tournament including myself and Dorene.

    Session one will have 8 players
    Session two, will have 8 players
    Session three will have 9 players

    Each session will be 5 minuets.

    The Top Three finishers in each session will advance to the final round, also 5 minutes.

    Since there are 12 machines at Gold Coast, we will have 2 WILD CARDS !! Make sure you get a ticket from Dorene. Do not discard them.

    Here are the prizes for the tournament.

    1st place - $400 + a 2-night stay at Plaza Hotel & casino + $100 food credit at Oscar's steakhouse - a $700 value.
    2nd place - $200 + 1 night at the new Skyline Hotel including Breakfast & Dinner + pair of show tickets
    3rd place - $100 + 1 night at the new Skyline Hotel including Breakfast & Dinner + pair of show tickets

    Now here comes the part you didn't know about.

    We are actually having TWO MORE Second Chance MINI TOURNAMENTS after the finals !!!

    Andrew came up with this awesome idea.

    The only people that will not play in the Mini Tournaments will be the top three finishers in Main Tournament.

    I think we will do the boys against the girls format in these two tournaments.

    There has never been an ELV tournament that has provided as many ways of winning as ELV 10 will offer!

    The Top Three finishers in the first "Mini- Tournament" will win:

    1st place - $150 + a $200 Gift Card to Piero's + choice of show tickets
    2nd place - $50 + Dinner for 2 at Skyline + show tickets
    3rd pace - $50 + Dinner for 2 at Skyline + show tickets

    The Top Three finishers in the second "Mini-Tournament" will win.

    1st place - $150 + $150 Piero's Gift Card + show tickets
    2nd place - $50 + Dinner for 2 at Skyline + show tickets
    3rd place - $50 + Dinner for 2 at Skyline + show tickets

    The Gold Coast will be supplying some prizes for random giveaways. I'll figure out a way to give them out.

    Here is a list of show tickets that I have. (Keep in mind some tickets may not be available due to being prizes in other events)

    I have three pairs of tickets to most shows.

    Vegas The Show
    V-Utimate Variety Show
    Las Vegas Live Comedy
    Zombie Burlesque - Don't let the name of the show throw you off....this is a great show
    Hitzville-Motown Tribute
    All Shook Up-Elvis Tribute
    Defending The Caveman - a very funny show
    Adam London - "Laughternoon"

    I will give out any remaining tickets to the people who did not win a prize at this or any prior events.

    Craig F
    Kathy Reeves
    Jon Strang
    Jackie Strang
    Gary D
    Gail D
    Bob G
    Steve A
    Diane A
    Steve S
    Steve K
    Dorene K

    I mentioned in my original email that due to the hard work Andrew puts into the tournament, it would be nice for the group to give him a Thank You gratuity. Dorene will collect this from you in tournament area. Please be generous. There wouldn't be a tournament if not for Andrew's support.

    July 9th

    Bingo & BBQ Buffet at Potliquors.

    Doors open at 10:30. Bingo starts PROMPTLY at 11am, sooner if everyone is present.

    Here is the menu:

    Fresh Mixed Green Salad
    Brined & Smoked Chicken
    Mopped Baby Back Ribs
    Sauteed Seasonal Veggies
    Red Bliss Potato Salad
    Fresh Baked Cornbread
    Seasonal Fruit Cobbler

    We will be using a standard Bingo card. Each person will get 4/5 game packets of cards. This equals two sets of ten games/2 cards per game. We will be having 10 games. This should eliminate the problems we have had in the past. (No comments please)

    The prizes I have this year are AWESOME. That's all I can tell you.

    There are almost $1000 worth of prizes !!


    1-Kathy Reeves
    2-Jon Strang
    3-Jackie Strang
    4- Gary
    6- Bob
    10- Barbara
    14- Beth

    TOPGOLF 6 pm. July 9th

    There is a one time standard "membership fee" of $5.00. There is parking at facility.

    Dorene and I toured this facility in March. It is awesome. There isn't anything they haven't thought of. You could literally spend an entire day here.

    Non- Golfers are welcome to come and hang out. There is plenty of food and drink outlets.

    Top Golf is located on Koval Lane right in back of MGM Grand and is not just for golfers. Short version: It's a driving range with a bar, pool, big screen tv's, games,food, etc. It was described similar to a bowling alley - not everyone bowls and those that do have a wide range of ability but many people enjoy the social aspect.

    As far as pricing goes, that can't be determined until we participate in the event. You pay by the hour or any fraction of an hour if you play more than one hour. A Bay will hold 7 players . The average price per hour on the Second Floor Bays is about $60 per hour. Split by 6 people, it comes to $10 per person.


    1- Steve
    2- Dorene
    3- Bob G
    4- Jon Strang
    5- Jackie Strang
    6- Lori
    7- Steve A
    8 Gary-Visitor
    9- Gail-Visitor
    10- Connie
    11- Nancy-Visitor

    Added optional event: Lounge show at Piazza Lounge at Tuscany Suites & Casino. Wednesday and Friday nights.

    During our July trip, Dorene and I went to the Piazza Lounge three times. Once on Wednesday night for Kelly Clinton show (7:30 pm) and two times on Friday night for Kenny Davidsen's All Star Piano Bar Party. (8:30 pm)

    Both of these shows are wonderful.

    Kelly's show has a bit of everything including guest stars and singers from headline Strip shows. Her husband Clint Holmes is always there and sings a few numbers.

    Kenny's show is basically "who will show up to sing." Kenny does the first set and then it's whoever shows up is next to sing. There were over 20 singers the first time we were there and over 30 performing on our second visit. There are also many celebrity guests in the audience. It's a fun time. The show usually lasts 4 hours.

    Both shows have NO COVER AND NO MINIMUM. Drinks and non-alcoholic beverages are inexpensive.

    If there is enough interest, I'll see if I can reserve some tables. Dorene and I are definitely going, you're welcome to join us.


    Anne-July 5th
    Theresa-July 5th
    Steve A
    Diane A
    Jane-Late arrival

    Final Notes

    As you know, I always like to include a surprise or two. This year is no exception. I promise you, you will be "surprised."

    Please make sure you have a Players Card for Gold Coast, Rampart and Ellis Island.

    If you signed up for a non-paying event and find that you can't make it, please let me know. Reservations have been made based on the number of people that committed to these events.

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    Everyone have a great time!! Even though me and Irina will be in Vegas at the same time, I won't have the time to join in the festivities. Not being in Vegas solo will do that. Lol We will be arriving July 4th, and staying through the 9th in Paris Las Vegas. Hope to run into Steve, Dorene, Lori, etc.If anyone wants to get together for dinner or drinks, we will be available most evenings, except for July 7th, when we have Jeff Dunham and Jay Leno booked back to back. Have a wonderful time guys!!


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      It sounds like one of the *BEST* ELV weekends....ever! Kevin and I will try to make it next year. I hope to read all about this year's events, and see lots of pictures, here in the forums. :-)