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Thread: MGM comps

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    Thumbs down MGM comps

    How do you guys who get comps from the MGM casinos qualify for them? We have played at the MGM and NYNY a lot and the only thing we have gotten is an acknowledgement that we have cards there. We have played nickel, quarter and $1 slots there. I won $800 on the Majestic Lions at the MGM and $250 on nickles at the NYNY, which makes them one of my favorite places to play, but we get the feeling that they don't care whether we come back or not. We did accumulate $35 in cash back, but no coupons, discounts or 'nuttin'.

    We have been wanting to try the Mirage, but wonder if they will be as stingy. Not that we play for comps, but something back would make us feel better.

    Today, hubby got an offer for a 3 night free stay and $50 in food at the Hilton which is good thru March, as well as an invitation to their New Years Bash ($499 cost, however). The only time we have played at the Hilton is for a couple of hours before a Wayne Newton show a few months ago, and we maybe put $100 or so in their machines. We thought that was very generous.

    What do we need to do to get MGM to like us?

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    Lately I've been staying at TI (another MGM/Mirage property). Before that, I usually stayed at the Mirage. Over my 4 or 5 day trips, I accumulate 15,000+ points on my card ($150+ cash back).

    Occasionally, I'll get offers in the mail for free 3-night packages, usually Sunday-Thursday. More often though, when I'm booking my trips, I'll call the Player's Club and make a reservation directly through them. They'll look up my history, and set me up accordingly. With the above mentioned play level, they typically give me 4 or 5 free Sunday-Thursday nights at TI.

    Before my last trip, I had gotten a free 2-night offer from Bellagio, so I booked that. Then I called TI and they gave me 3 free nights there.

    The key is to ASK. If you don't play enough, when you call the Player's Club they may give you a discounted rate instead of free rooms. And before you check out of the hotel, again go to the Player's Club and ASK what they can do with your bill, if anything. Sometimes they'll take off meals that have been charged to the room. Sometimes, if you originally were billed for nights, they'll remove charges too. ASK, ASK, ASK.

    Hope that give you some idea of play level vs. comps.

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    You may have to ask for something with MGM. Not positive, but I've heard that some places do not offer you anything unless you ask. You can check your MGM point value online. I'm at work and don't have the URL with me.

    My friend stays at Treasure Island and gets a lot of comps, and he's not a high roller. He talked me into staying at an MGM facility this time, because he thinks their comps are great. We are booked at The Mirage starting on Christmas day, which is also my birthday!

    I got the same offer from the Hilton just yesterday. I've stayed at the LV Hilton on my last 2 trips. It is a great Hotel and the casino isn't bad either. They are very generous with their comps. When checking out, they will bring to your attention what your comp value is and ask if you'd like to apply it to your room charges. They also send a lot of mailings in comparison to most places. The only thing I didn't like about the Hilton was the distance from other hotels/casinos. However, the monorail location is superb in comparison to the rest of the staions along the route.


  4. Default you gotta ask... many things in life, you've got to ASK. Worse they can say is no, or even "you need X more play and then I can do Y".

    I've seen offered comps dry up over the past 6 years, ask comps get toughter too. So much is on computer now - and Wall, introduce yourself via phone to a host prior to your trip - let them know when you'll be coming out - ASK for a casino rate for the room. Say "hi" upon your arrival. Play. Maybe even check in w/ then during the stay, ask for a couple buffets...or a show ticket...or ?. Remember it's a relationship that needs to be built upon - enjoy yourself. Play for fun, not just comps. In the long run, it's better to pay for what you want/need than to try to build the comp value.

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    Friends and I are going Thanksgiving, and got 3 days comped, came on a e-mail, and last trip we played alot at MGM properties, not necessarily MGM, and they comped me. We use my card, all of us, and we racked up the points I guess. Strange thing we stayed at Harrah's and TI, and did most damage at TI, but all the other properties sent deals, but MGM was the best! Can't figure? But not complaining...

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    Default MGM Comps

    We always stay at NY-NY. One reason are the comps. We do not do slots, only blackjack. My wife and I play 4-6 hours a day. I do know some people who play only slots there and get very well taken care of.

    I would suggest asking for a gaming supervisor (pit boss), tell him or her what you intend on doing and ask advise. I would then locate a host. Go to the 'Gaming on the Green', the high roller area in the casino. It is to the left of the Big Apple Bar. When you enter tell the supervisor you wish to speak to a host. Explain your dilemma and your situation and he or she will take care of you.

    That's what we did the first time we stayed at NY-NY and we now get everything compt - room, food, shows, drinks, limo service. We're going back in Jan. for the 8th time in the past 2 1/2 years and wouldn't consider staying anywhere else.

    One more thing about comps there while playing table games. It doesn't matter if you're playing $5 or $100 at NY-NY, you will get taken care of. I know many of the hotels on the strip will not even take your player's card if you are playing less that $25 per play at any table game.

    Also - it wouldn't hurt to get to know some of the casino employees.

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    Default getting comps from the big hotels

    most of the mega resorts and some of the mini megas require $10 coin in to get 1 point. therefore, unless you are playing long and hard and high $, you won't get much.

    andrea from las vegas

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    This topic is always a real popular one across the message boards.
    Now more than ever, it's more like a 'concern' rather than a popular topic
    for folks to learn how they can 'get theirs too'...'get what they deserve'.

    To get the comps (in what ever form they come in), the average low roller
    gamer needs to spend alot more than ever before. 3,5,8,thousand on just
    gaming alone to keep your "AMOUNT OF PLAY" at a level where you're
    appreciated and you're right....with the popularity Las Vegas has now,
    they don't have to care if you come back or not. There's PLENTY on new
    folks discovering Vegas and spending more money doing it...the average
    low roller/visit once or twice a year has to up their amount of play just
    to continue the good time they've had in the past.

    Like it or not, I'm kinda stuck with Harrah's Total Reward program. I like the
    RIO and have invested too many years and money to start over with a
    new program. I've been GOLD, PLATINUM, DIAMOND, bumped down to
    PLATINUM again and wouldn't surprise me if I hit GOLD's just
    costing too much at the same amount of play to stay at a generous comp
    goodies level and I don't want to increase my bankroll to get something
    for ?FREE?...............come on, that's stupid.

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    Just returned from TI (4 nights petite suite-comped, limo to and from airport-comped, $100 food credit, $250 in free-play). We have been staying at MGM properties (twice a year) since 2002. We do play other places, but generally MGM properties, MGM, TI, NYNY, Mirage and Bellagio. We have stayed several times at TI, twice at Mirage, once NYNY and once MGM. We seem to get the best offers from TI, NYNY, Mirage and MGM. We are strictly dollar and quarter slot players. Our cards are linked and I think that helps. We have not paid for a room since our first stay April 2002. Love Vegas and we would still play the same amount that we currently do, comps or not. It's just a nice bonus. We accumulate approx 10,000 to 20,000 a trip.

    I always call the players club (even if I get an offer in the mail) and speak with a slot host. Always seem to get a little extra. We also book our airline separately--no package deal. And, when you check out-go to the players club, you may also receive CASH back. Always use your card!!

    Hope this helps--Love the MGM properties.


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    ...that's kinda my point MK, (and I could be wrong) but I don't think
    the average vacationing Vegas couple accumulates 10 to 20,000...that's
    alot of money for many folks....I'd be surprised if most folks drop 8k on
    a trip.
    Those that can play at that level, are going to get the comps. Everyone else is going to loose lots of money trying to live up to those coveted freebies

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