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Thread: Loose slots?

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    Default Loose slots?

    I've heard that Barbary Coast and Casino Royale have loose slots. Has anyone found that to be true? Any other casinos (on the Strip) that you found to have generous slots?

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    I was staying at the Venetian and decided to go slumming , wife and I went to the Casino Royale to check it out. While the wife was playing roulette, I was just killing time on the WOF slots, I won at 3 different machines back to back to back. I'm convinced they are more player friendly than the mega resorts. P.S. About $500.00 in about 30 mins off quarter machines.

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    Default Maybe this helps

    I have had good luck at the Excalibur. Won over $300 on quarter slots and someone down the aisle won $500 a few minutes later. Everyone seems to get a lot of play on a minimal amount of coins put in.

    If you are into $1 slots, the MGM has a big area full of progressives (the name excapes me, has something to do with Lions) that are very loose. The highest jackpots are usually in the $1300 range. I won $800 then quickly another $300 one night with only input of $100. Others playing were getting good returns, too. I have talked with others who highly recommend them.

    A waitress at Paris told me that a bank of $1 slots there pays well. (I don't know how to explain where they are in the casino. Somewhere in the middle.) I tried them and did not have much luck but others around me were doing very well.

    At the Rio, there are quarter Triple Diamond machines on the Masquerade side that pay well. There is one that I won triple, triple red 7's one night as well some smaller pots. However, on the next visit to Rio that machine was conveniently "out of order". Their newer quarter machines seem to be looser than average. Hubby and I both have had good luck at a Triple, Double Diamond 3 coin $1 machine at the Rio. Never won the big one, but have won enough to get W2G's. Sometimes 2 in one night. It's on the aisle as you come into the casino from the buffet by the bar. Usually takes a couple of hundred to get it rolling. Sometimes you have to wait for it. It seems lots of folks are on to it, especially the locals. There are about a dozen $1 machines in that bank that are very popular with the locals.

    We have been playing slots for years at various riverboats as well as L/V, and have found that in almost all casinos the best paying machines are double diamonds, triple diamonds, triple stars, red-white-and blue 7's and some 5X. The pots are not huge, but you can walk away with more money in your pocket. Just be sure to quit while you're ahead; they can go on long dry spells. Any machine paying more than 5x is going to be slow in paying. If you want to try a 10x, just play a few coins and see what happens; if it pays, move on at warp speed.
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    I had good luck at the Riviera back in August on Jackpot Party near the front of the casino. I won $100 bucks a couple of times.

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