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Thread: Best Times to Play Slots

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    Default Best Times to Play Slots

    It seems to me that the slots are looser in the evening - everywhere in LV. Any discussion on this? In Atlantic City, they start hitting when the old folks' busses start arriving, then they start sucking all the money back in about an hour before the busses will be leaving! Really! So is there any trend like that in LV/ When they make those numbers public - 96% payback on $1 slots, etc., are they at a specific time?

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    I have heard this before. Especially at the riverboats where the "old folks" buses arrive daily, but I don't put a lot of credibility in it. I have won on slots at all times of the day at the riverboats near by as well as Vegas.

    I have won more times during the early hours of the morning. I like to play from 2:00am to sunrise. Seems that my biggest pots have occurred during that time. Of course, the crowds are thinning out then and I can get to my favorite machines easier. And it seems that my "karma" is really working around 2:30 am to 3:00 am; I have won several "large" jackpots about that time.

    Edit - Hubby thinks that the reason more jackpots are won at night is because there are so many more people playing and we notice them more. This seems to be particularly true on Friday and Saturday nights. But I still prefer to play during the early morning hours. Also, I rarely play any machine that pays more than 2500 coins on the jackpot, and usually play the ones that pay lower than that - quarters most of the time - occasionally halves and dollars.
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    I really don't think slot machines have built in timers! lol

    I have won and lost at all times of the day.

    I was in Atlantic City 4 weeks ago, I go about 5 times a year there, and I stay at the Tropicana. On my last trip I put money in a slot machine at 1 in the afternoon and on the 2nd pull won 450.00 on a 50 cent machine, about 5 minutes later, a man sitting about 5 seats from me won 13,000. on a dollar machine.

    But I usually play more at night, and you do see more people winning then.

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    Yeah, I agree...the RNG has no idea if it's morning or evening.
    They're set to cycle in and out of paying events 24/7. Some
    may be set looser than others by choice of the casino, but it's
    up to you to find one...if you do, take some notes and LET US KNOW PLEASE!
    The casinos can/and do, move them around to accommodate different areas of
    the casino for various reasons.
    I've hit great bonus rounds at dinner time, and like 'sonntex',
    many good hits well after midnight...IT'S JUST COINCIDENCE.

    If you catch the RNG during some positive cycles, KEEP PLAYIN'.
    You can kinda tell when it moves into a tighter sequence...MOVE ON.
    They're one of the WORST ODDS games the casino offers us, but
    they can be lots of fun and that's why we play them.
    RIGHT MACHINE/RIGHT TIME, bla bla bla, that's the time to play and
    always remember the time to walk away.

    The only tip I practice is to always play ALL CREDITS on a reel machine, and
    MAX LINES on the video games. (even some folks disagree with this...) AND,
    chose the LOWER JACKPOT payouts. WIN 1000 CREDITS isn't going to pay out
    as often as a machine that advertises WIN 600 CREDITS. They're probably gonna
    get your money in the long run, but you should get as much fun out of your loosing
    as possible! The longer play you get out of your 'Jackson' the better.
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    Like GREGRIO said,I don't think video poker or
    slot machines know what time it is in order to give better payouts.
    I know in 2001 at the MGM Grand in Vegas, I played the Majestic
    Lions $1 slots and won a good payout on a different machine each
    day in the same row at a different time each day.Just have fun and
    hopefully it will be your lucky. Happy gambling everyone.

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    I don't think the slot machines have watches...LOL! But, honestly, I have had more luck on machines during the day for some reason, and better luck on tables at night. I don't know why this is, but I guess that's my "aura".

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    It's all a matter of luck. Hey CINDYINNJ---Check your private messages up in the top right hand corner of the forum web page.


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    Default guys still here? thought you left for you know where already.
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    Default Are there any slots left that have coin payoffs?

    Where do they have the 'old style' slots? No ticket in-ticket-out. Are there more downtown? I was thinking of the Barnaby Coast, or Binions downtown.
    I have won at night at Sams, 800 on a dollar slot, and 1200 at Tropicana at night.

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