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Thread: My trip to Vegas with my Wife

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    Always like hearing what others do and enjoy in Las Vegas. My wife and I took good advantage of tips from others and Steve's good deals on our trip. Firstly, we had booked a car a while before we left as one of our daughters always finds the best deals. Then about a week before leaving I browsed through deals on this site and decided to see what Alamo would do, not expecting anything that good. Wow we saved over $50 off of what we originally booked before, and ended up about three levels higher than we booked for with Alamo. Paid $197.50 for eight days and had a Toyota Camry LE.
    We decided to go to Plaza to see Best Little Whorehouse in Texas and took code with us to get two for one tickets that Steve mentioned. Lo and behold after giving the guy behind the desk the code and having him search around, I asked him how much we owed and he said "nothing" as we are comped!!!
    Went for dinner buffets in Fremont Street after someone gave out code for getting Fremont Experience coupons. Really liked Fremont Casino buffet best but nothing wrong with Main Street one. However, as seniors we were stuck on where to eat on a Monday night so I told my wife that I think Silverton has seniors day on Mondays. She had never liked it there a few years ago when we had their evening buffet, but we decided to go and look see. It ended up being an excellent deal at $5 a person and had good choices, myself having prime rib and turkey among other things. And the desserts were very good and different than most you get plus they had a guy dishing out ice cream (all different flavors) at one end of the dessert bar.
    We always break our vacation up with first three nights in Vegas, weekend in Laughlin (because of better hotel prices there on weekend) and last two nights in Vegas again. We always really like Avi in Laughlin area. They have 99cent breakfast every day which includes eggs, ham, hash browns, and toast and usually as seniors they end up charging you less than two dollars for meal and coffee or tea. Then on Saturday nights they have two for one buffets for everyone from three to six (costs about $6 each) and again it is pretty good!! Signing up there is also worth it as among other things they give you a two for one coupon to a pasta type restaurant which again is very good.
    Oh, yes, you are all wondering about our gambling. We rarely win but don't lose a fortune and expect losses but always have a great time down there.
    Just wanted to pass on a couple of things that worked out well for us.
    Sparky this is a very enjoyable Trip report, you should re post under Trip Reports, so everyone can read it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by westie View Post
    Rod Stewart was at Tix4Tonight? Damn, i paid full price.
    I am not sure, but i think i paid 160 per person, which i think is full price, i don't think they gave me a break on price.

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    Red face

    Quote Originally Posted by beach3993 View Post
    I agree with VegasTim when she yelled at you about the $100 you should have shown her the $1500 ticket or money and said Money Honey!!!! Beach (bj)
    I didn't tell her about the win, she would not have given it back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 7777 View Post
    I didn't tell her about the win, she would not have given it back.
    Oh well it was a great WIN anyway. Congrats. Sounds like you had a super time. bj

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    Nice trip report and yes the women in our lives always win !!!

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    Nice trip report and congrats on the win !


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