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Thread: Harrah's/Caesars Properties Reel Rewards/Table Vouchers

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    Default Harrah's/Caesars Properties Reel Rewards/Table Vouchers

    I have a short trip planned over the Columbus Day weekend, 2 nights at Paris, w/ $500 Free Play.

    I've used 2 similar offers in the past ($300, and always took the six $50 Table Vouchers). THe Table Vouchers are "Play Until You Lose", and are only good for even money bets; I used my previous ones at Blackjack.

    Has anyone had similar offers, and used the Reel Rewards part for the slot play? If so, what are the denominations of the vouchers for the slot play?

    How is the machine selection in Bally's/Paris/Caesar's regarding the use of these vouchers? (I usually play the $1 machines)

    Kind of wondering for this trip, and might try the slot vouchers over the table play.

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    Default Reel Rewards

    The redemption process for "Reel Rewards" varies depending on what type of promotion you are booked under.

    If you received the invitation in the mail from casino marketing as part of the "Monthly Reel Rewards" offer for the region, then you normally will receive a letter upon check-in that has instructions on when and where to pickup your slot or table game vouchers. In most cases, you will either pick up a receipt from a Special Events booth and take it to the casino cage to receive your gaming vouchers OR pick them up directly from the casino cage at a designated time.

    If your casino host created an offer for you that includes "Reel Rewards," then he or she will send a comp voucher to the casino cage at the property where you are staying and they will give you the vouchers at the cage itself.

    If (and this is probably unlikely because CET does not normally do this in the Vegas region) you received "Reel Rewards" vouchers in the mail, then you just insert them in the machine you wish to play.

    The denominations for "Reel Rewards" slot vouchers range from $5 to $500 and I believe they also have $10, $20, $50, and $100 denominations. The cashier will normally ask you what denominations you wish to receive. The vouchers are color-coded which makes it easier to keep track of them ($100 vouchers are blue, $500 are orange, ect.).

    Also, a few things to keep in mind when redeeming "Reel Rewards" and slot vouchers at CET Las Vegas properties:

    - You cannot cash out the credits immediately. You can only cash out winnings. Thus, if you insert a $100 "Reel Rewards" voucher, then you must play $100 through the machine before cashing out.
    - Unlike other CET properties (such as Atlantic City), you cannot use "Reel Rewards" vouchers at most video poker machines CET Las Vegas casinos.

    As far as the machines go... the $1 "Blazing Sevens" machines at Paris always seem to be paying out their progressive jackpot (which starts at $1,000).
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