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Thread: Transportation to Primm (Wiskey Petes)

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    Is there any public transportation from Las Vegas to Primm, NV, or do you have to rent a car?

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    Yes, there is, sort of, transportation to Whiskey Pete in Primm. Go to any tour booking desk in any casino and you will find a key tours red folder with 3 trips. One is a $25 Hoover dam tour, another free Laughlin and another a free Primm one.

    You now have to pay $2.50 per person for the fuel surcharge. The Primm one will pick you up from your hotel, or one nearby and only goes on Wednesday (the Laughlin one goes most days) and it takes about 45 minutes after they collect everyone who booked from the other hotels.

    You will get a coupon for a free buffet which you can use either in Whiskey Pete or Primm resort or Buffalo Bill.

    There is also a mall.

    You spend 6 hours there and then catch your bus back. Remember the drop off point and the bus number.

    Good luck. It can be a very cheap day unless you feed the slots to generously and/or go wild at the mall. It is an outlet mall and has very good deals on clothing and shoes.

    Good Luck.

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