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    This is really a great place .... and as...

    This is really a great place .... and as menioned, very reasonable.

    I did make it a "Hidden Treasure" in my Casino Player column.

    Here is my review:...
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    The easiest thing to do is just valet the car. It...

    The easiest thing to do is just valet the car. It will only cost you a $2.00 tip. Self Park at most casinos can be free but you have to get a validation ticket. Main Street Station has a huge parking...
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    Looks like I got a good deal for $136.00 for 7...

    Looks like I got a good deal for $136.00 for 7 days in November.

    Here's a suggestion. Instead of going online, personally call a rental company office close to you. Most of the major ones have...
  4. Thread: Verrazano pizza!

    by Steve

    This could be a great place for the Hidden...

    This could be a great place for the Hidden Treasure portion of my Casino Player column.

    Jane. would you have someone from the restaurant contact me?

  5. Just to clarify. I called it Chicken Lo Mein but...

    Just to clarify. I called it Chicken Lo Mein but the menu calls it Chicken w/soft noodles. Perhaps that's why there is a lack of veggies? I suggest the CLM at Wazuzu at Encore. It's very traditional...
  6. Trip Report Restaurant Review 13: Heritage Steak at the Mirage

    This was our last dinner in Las Vegas for this trip. We were hoping that the old saying, "Saving the best for last" would be the case for this visit.

    Colicchio's first steak house concept is...
  7. Trip Report Restaurant Review 12: Rice & Company at Luxor

    Rice & Company features fresh, tasty and healthy Asian Cuisines with the motto EAT RICE, DRINK TEA, SLURP NOODLES, STAY HEALTHY, this rather new venue offers some of the finest modern Japanese and...
  8. Trip Report Restaurant Review 11: Fix at Bellagio

    FIX, from the Light Group combines fresh and exciting interpretations of American culinary classics in an innovative, organic setting. Its diverse clientele are treated to a true 21st-century...
  9. Trip Report Restaurant Review 10: Double Barrel Roadhouse & Tour: Part 2

    Here is another picture of the interior of BBS:


    After lunch, the three of us headed over to Sambalatte which is a Las Vegas-based, award-winning premier coffee shop and juice bar. The...
  10. Trip Report Restaurant Review 10: Double Barrel Roadhouse & Tour

    Double Barrel Roadhouse is a high-energy restaurant, bar and entertainment venue.

    Are you looking for a non-stop entertainment dining experience like no other? Do you want to go to a place that is...
  11. Trip Report Restaurant Review 9: Ping Pang Pong

    Ping Pang Pong is a unique restaurant serving up a multitude of specialty dishes from the various provinces of China. From oodles of noodles, rice and vegetables, to beef, pork, poultry and seafood,...
  12. Trip Report Restaurant Review 8 Chayo Mexican Kitchen + Tequila Bar

    What do you get when you blend tequila, delicious Mexican food, a DJ and a party atmosphere, and then serve it over a place that rocks? The new Chayo Mexican Kitchen + Tequila Bar combines dining and...
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    More info

    Here is a little more info:
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    I was wondering why RED ROCK was the mystery...

    I was wondering why RED ROCK was the mystery puzzle.
  15. Trip Report Restaurant Review 8: Noodle Exchange at Gold Coast

    I am going to start this review off with a letter I sent to the owner of the restaurant. I never received a response.

    Dear Karrie,

    First, thank you so much for the courtesies extended to myself...
  16. Trip Report Restaurant Review 7: T-Bones Chophouse at Red Rock Part 2

    My entree' was another special a massive 20 oz. Bone-in Filet. ($72.00) AWESOME.


    Dorene started with the Big eye tuna poke. ($15) Avocado, Wakame, Wasabi and Wonton Crisps..delicious.
  17. Trip Report Restaurant Review 7: T-Bones Chophouse at Red Rock

    A modern interpretation of the classic American chophouse, T-bones features USDA Prime dry-aged beef, an excellent selection of the freshest seafood, creative sides and comfortingly decadent...
  18. Trip Report Restaurant Review 7: Strip House

    When describing a fine steakhouse, sultry and sexy aren't typically the words that come to mind.

    But the Strip House at Planet Hollywood isn't like other fine steakhouses. Here the spicy...
  19. Trip Report Restaurant Review 6: Pub 1842 at MGM Grand

    When Michael Mina’s PUB 1842 opened at the MGM Grand in June, 2013, it introduced a casual tavern-style eatery that playfully blends unexpected flavors and textures into classic American pub...
  20. Trip Report Restaurant Review 5: Redwood Grill

    Redwood Bar & Grill in the California is another classic Las Vegas "Old School" steakhouse for people looking for a fine cut of beef, seafood or chicken in an intimate, yet elegant atmosphere.
  21. Trip Report Restaurant Review 4: Carson Kitchen

    Carson Kitchen combines the innovative cuisine of the city’s first true local, celebrity chef, Kerry Simon, with the hipster vibe of Downtown Las Vegas.

    “I have long wanted to open a true...
  22. Frankly, aside from a few semi-negative personal...

    Frankly, aside from a few semi-negative personal comments, I see nothing that would deter someone from dining there. In fact, there are more positive than negative comments.

    I mentioned a lot of...
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    Tripe George Grill Part Two

    Dorene chose the Chicken Curry soup which was the special soup of the night and very good.


    Her entree' was another special of the night. Beef Tips (Very different; sauce is tangy; served...
  24. Trip Report Restaurant Review 3: Triple George Grill

    Whether you’re looking for the perfect kick-start to a night full of fun, or perhaps just a smart, upscale dining experience in the heart of downtown, Triple George Grill’s timeless atmosphere has...
  25. Trip Report Restaurant Review 2: Stewart + Ogden at Downtown Grand

    Stewart & Ogden is a 24-hour restaurant at Downtown Grand.

    Breakfast is served all day and will includes S+O favorites such fresh-squeezed juices (orange, grapefruit, watermelon and cucumber),...
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