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Topic Of The Week: I've Been Ripped Off

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[QUOTE=Steve;136497][SIZE=3]This week's Topic Of The Week question is:

Have you ever felt that you were ripped off in Las Vegas? Please provide details.[/SIZE][/QUOTE]

Went last August. Stayed at Monte Carlo. Felt the whole trip except for great Southwest airfare was a total ripoff. I would rather stay home and gamble at Indian casinos than get ripped off by Las Vegas. Resort fees, high priced low quality food, long check in lines were only a few of the things that weren't good. Had been there many times in the past back to the 1980's but this was the last time
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  1. chandeliere's Avatar
    I've been going to Vegas for years, this year was a downer. #1 The machines were not hitting ANYWHERE ! I mean not even enough to keep playing. It was very frutstrating, and certainly no run. We had our rooms comped for 7 nites and lots of food freebies due to offers and our points so that was great but I go to Vegas to have fun playing the slots. If I break even I'm a happy camper, if I come out losing even 1/2 of the time, I'm OK, but not to even break even one single day is enough to keep me away. I know, I know...the $ saved by getting all the comps saved me a lot, but I could have stayed home and saved it all without the frustration.

    Another downer was the increase of sleeze even in the higher end casinos. It's become distasteful to me.

    I seems like Vegas is really catering to the 30 something crowd, by the looks of the crowds at the tables and all the news clubs . So...maybe it's my age, perhaps Tunica is getting to be more my speed.